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About Berks Community Action Program
Lawrence Berringer
Executive Director
610-376-6571, ext. 22
The Berks County Action Program (BCAP) is a private non-profit organization that has been serving low-income Berks residents since 1965. We serve more than 2,500 individuals and families each year by providing assistance to help people overcome obstacles while striving to meet their goals. 

Our mission — "a hand up!"

BCAP's mission is to combat poverty in the city of Reading and Berks County and to help low- and moderate-income residents become more self-sufficient.  

As a Community Action Program, BCAP works to reduce poverty by coordinating local, state, private and federal resources to assist low-income individuals and families. 

Participants must meet income eligibility guidelines for most services.

History, structure and funding

The Berks Community Action Program was established in 1965 as the Economic Opportunity Council of Reading and Berks County, Inc.  

Although BCAP is a private non-profit organization, government grants are the primary source of funding for our programs and services. Directed by Mr. Lawrence A. Berringer, BCAP employs 31 individuals in nine major program areas who work toward providing a hand-up in an effort to build a stronger community. BCAP has an annual budget of more than $5 million. 

In addition to private donations, BCAP receives funding from:

BCAP is part of a statewide and nationwide network of agencies with a similar goal and mission. We provide help to individuals and families through direct assistance, through indirect assistance by helping smaller agencies reach out to clients, and by educating our community on issues facing our neighbors in need.
Janelle Price
Deputy Fiscal Director
610-376-6571, ext. 20
David Rauch
610-376-6571, ext. 15
Nancy Boudreau
Workforce Employment & Training Director
610-376-6571, ext. 28

Jodi Readinger
Community Relations Coordinator
610-376-6571, ext. 13
Kaleena Sculco
Sr. Administrative Assistant
610-376-6571, ext. 23
Hector Cruz
Program Director
610-375-7866, ext. 43
Juana Rosario
Housing Counselor
610-375-7866, ext. 42
Rebecca Medina
Assistant Housing Counselor
610-375-7866, ext. 41
Our board of directors
Budget Counseling Center
Phone Receptionist

610-376-6571, ext 10
Theresa Perry
Fiscal Technician
CAP 60 Data Entry
610.376.6571, ext. # 17
Luz Benitez
Housing Counselor
610-375-7866, ext. 45
Debbie Giddens
Family Center Director
610-376-6571, ext. 30
Staci Kachel
Family Development Specialist
610-376-6571, ext. 29

Family Center
Shareatte Ford
Pre K Counts Director
610-376-6571, ext. 32

Pre-K Count
Stephen Fains
Program Coordinator
610-376-6571, ext. 31

Promoting Responsible Fatherhood/Y.E.S. Mentor
Michael Drumheller
Program Director
610-375-9770, ext. 49

Melody Burkey
Energy Study Specialist
610-375-9770, ext. 51
Steve Rimby
Energy Auditor
610-375-9770, ext. 47
Maria Puccio
Weatherization Intake Specialist
610-375-9770, ext. 46
Mandy Heffner
Work Ready Program Director-Berks
610-376-6571, ext. 24

Work Ready Program - Berks County
Concetta Marulla
Career Advisor
610-376-6571, ext. 25

Heidie Andino
Career Advisor
610-376-6571, ext. 21
Elizabeth Fortuner
Career Advisor
610-376-6571, ext. 19
Theresa Pinto Velez
Career Advisor
610-376-6571, ext. 26
Crystal McClure
Work Ready Program Director

Work Ready Program - Berks County
2500 DeKalb Pike, Suite 204B, E. Norriton, PA
Tori Reese
Career Advisor
Henry Anderson
Career Advisor

Lisa Ortiz
Family Development Specialist
610-375-7866, ext. 11
Blayne Pierce
Career Advisor
Mercy Howard
Career Advisor​