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Budgeting and Counseling Services

Helping you prepare for car or home ownership or a major purchase

Housing Counselor
610-375-7866, ext. 41Buying a home, purchasing a car, starting a business, and many other long-term life goals often require a close evaluation of the individual’s credit history. 
We offer budget counseling services to anyone who needs help regardless of the circumstances. Budget Center Counselors provide:

  • Rental and utilities assistance 
  • Home ownership counseling 
  • Delinquency and mortgage assistance 
  • Family budgeting and credit repair 

The Budget Center staff also provides budgeting workshops to local agencies and groups. Budget Center Counselors have helped hundreds of Berks County families realize their dream of home ownership.

The amount of time spent with each family or individual varies depending on the needs of the homebuyer and the requirements of the mortgage lender.

To ensure compliance with the mandatory pre-purchase sessions for first-time homebuyers, we provide the following sessions: 

  • Financial review/budget planning — During this session, we will examine current household expenses and revenue and analyze the household’s ability to absorb additional costs associated with home ownership. 
  • Home and preventative maintenance — We will teach first-time homebuyers how to maintain a home’s mechanical systems to avoid costly repairs.
  • Conditions of approval/settlement procedures — We explain all aspects of settlement, including all costs involved and the steps taken on the day of settlement.

Eligibility requirements ​

Individuals applying for rental and/or utility assistance must meet the federal, state and local poverty guidelines. Our helpful staff will help determine your eligibility for these services.

How to apply

If you're applying for rental and/or utility assistance, please download and complete this form before your scheduled appointment if possible.  

Budget Counseling Center Staff

Hector Cruz
Program Director
610-375-7866, ext. 43

Juana Rosario 
Housing Counselor
610-375-7866, ext. 42

Rebecca Medina
Assistant Housing Counselor
610-375-7866, ext. 41

Luz Benitez
Housing Counselor
610-375-7866, ext. 45

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