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Fatherhood Classes

Helping men become better fathers

Studies have shown that children who have a strong and nurturing relationship with their fathers are more likely to be successful in life.

The Promoting Responsible Fatherhood program is dedicated to supporting, counseling, and challenging fathers to become strong and positive role models within their families. We help fathers accomplish these goals by providing monthly seminars and workshops and one-on-one counseling. We also assist fathers with employment services and information and referral for housing.

Eligibility requirements

The Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Program is available to all fathers who are interested. There are no restrictions in terms of age, income, marital status, age of children, etc. The Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Resources Center is located in the BCAP offices.

Fatherhood video

Stephan Fains, Community Relations Coordinator, Jodi Readinger from the Berks Community Action Program, and Jermell Mitchell, a recent participant in the Fatherhood Program, talk about how the program can help fathers become more responsible and build strong bonds with their children. Visit BCTV.org YouTube channel for more videos about BCAP and our services.

Contact information

645 Penn Street
3rd Floor
Reading PA 1960


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